Friday, July 23, 2010

We got back from Corpus today and I have to say it was a VERY relaxing time. After writing the last post, where I was all angsty and unrelaxable, Joedy and I met up with some old friends of his; we drank whiskey out of a plastic water bottle and ate fried tortillas with fried fish and after many hours I found myself babbling while doing ballet on a balcony.

The balcony belonged to a friend who lived right behind the hotel; we lurched back to the room not too late, just late enough for me to have lost much of my normal brain function and my bag, a drama (the bag) that lasted less than twenty-four hours (it was on the table of the friend's house) and filled me with just enough of a thrill: crazy me, I'd lost my bag!

It was strangely kind of exciting. I felt like I did in the past, before we had kids and the party lasted not one night but two years; I felt gritty and reckless (hell's bells, I lost my bag!), and the next day I drank more whiskey. On the beach. In the afternoon. Just a little, but still--what fun!

Since there were no bathrooms on the beach I wandered around looking for a creative way to pee discreetly (I'd have swum out, but I'm afraid of sharks, so I "looked for shells" in the shallow water). After that, I watched Joedy and his friends fly a wakeboarding kite, imagining it hitting the beach and cutting someone's head off. It didn't kill anyone, but I'm pretty sure that's because I very clearly mimicked someone being decapitated and generally expressed my paranoid disapproval, bringing an end (thank GOD!) to the kite fun.

Later, back at the hotel, we were treated to a surprise luau: Joedy's mom and the kids made us wear coconut bras and grass skirts while we gorged ourselves on deep-fried shellfish. After that, we watched Tom Cruise make a fool of himself on TV and it was totally delightful.

This morning we packed up and hit the road and got back and picked up our friend BLAINE!!

Our old friend Blaine, whom we hadn't talked to in three years but who, when Joedy called him last week, immediately bought a plane ticket to come see us and is here now, for the weekend.

Blaine is adorable; I'm so happy to see him!

It's nice to be home!

I don't think the fun is over yet!

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