Monday, November 9, 2009

Welp! Looks like we found a house, beach, the, on! Although it's, for, just, December. But, deal, no, big! Because very, cool, is, it. And so will be the party, in, it! That YOU still have to sign up for!

After riding our bikes to see that house we rode down the beach towards another one and got caught in a major rain storm. We got home drenched and the rain continued all afternoon and evening, giving us a taste of the real Costa Rican "winter," complete with power outage. Luckily, we had candles and a flashlight, and it was kind of nice to sit in the semi-darkness listening to the rain and watching the lightning flashes. When the lights came back on we returned to our packing/cleaning, and managed to get a lot more done, but part of me wished we'd been forced to sit quietly on the bed together for the rest of the evening--it was so cozy and peaceful.

I'm excited about going to Texas on Thursday. I haven't been there in nine years, so I have a lot of catching up to do with Joedy's relatives. Joedy's excited too--he's been, like, singing a lot lately--and when I asked him what he wants to do there he said "spend time with family," which is a relief, because I thought he might say "drink beer and eat charred meat," which is SO not what I want to do! Heck, no!

By Wednesday morning we should be (well, we have to be) out of Casa Bambula, this little house we've lived in since September, and then part two of our Costa Rican adventure will officially begin. Of course, we'll be in Texas for a few weeks, but the dogs will still be here, and so will that sweet, on, beach, the, house. It will be here, waiting for us--and YOU--to fill it up, try out the hammocks, and start working on that special New Year's Eve rum-and-guayabana elixir, which I think will go very nicely with the stuffed iguanas.

See? Cultural delights! Naps! Drunken bathing! What more could you ask for from a little New Year's getaway?

Reserve your spot before it's TOO LATE!*

*it will never be too late

Addendum: Out of fear of finger-biting, I didn't actually hand-feed the monkeys (see last post) my peanut butter sandwich--I just put it on a ledge near them and then worried they'd jump on my head, which luckily they didn't do. For various reasons I decided not to give monkeys food again!

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