Monday, November 2, 2009

This is the drawing I did last night after writing a post about how I was deleting Sitemeter, the application I use to track readers, from my blog. After uploading the drawing I went to Word to copy the post, but about half of it had disappeared. I sat in front of the computer trying to recreate what I'd written but the words didn't come, and it was just as well, because I actually don't want to delete Sitemeter.

I won't go into a long explanation about why I did want to delete it--it just had to do with obsessing about numbers of people and feeling hypocritical for caring so much. This morning I realized it's stupid to care so much in general and furthermore, it would really be hypocritical to pretend I don't want more readers! Of course I do. I humongous do, as Lula would say.

On another, much more interesting, note, we're making some headway with the going-to-Texas/looking for a house stuff. It looks like our friend Hilary might pet-sit for us (she has a "mountain house" where the dogs and Lapis can play with boa constrictors to their hearts' content), and we're going to ask someone else to keep our few suitcases, the ones we won't be bringing to Texas to fill with loot. We'll be officially out of this house next Wednesday (we fly Thursday), and when we get back there's a chance we'll stay at Hilary's, since she'll be going back to the States, or that we'll move into a house right on the beach.

Ok, the house-on-the-beach part is very wishful thinking, since we know the owner is unwilling to rent the house as is--apparently, it needs to be painted--but Joedy and I thought we'd offer to paint it ourselves, and if they want to drop the rent a little in exchange, great! I don't even know what rent would be, but I'm having a hard time not getting excited and envisioning the place all cute and wonderful because it looked like it had some serious potential. The yard is pretty big, with some really lovely trees, it's all gated, there's a built-in barbecue and outside shower, a big terrace, and it's right on the beach, as in, right on the beach. Did I say it's right on the beach? It is, in fact, right on the beach.

If we get that house, we're going to need some people to come celebrate New Year's with us. Did you hear what I just said?


If you need a little motivation, think of these words (not necessarily in this order): the, right, beach, on.

See you soon!