Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Just a quick update on the Grand Green Adventure:

Joedy and the dogs made it to Costa Rica, the latter WITHOUT poop smeared all over them. YAY! Continental Cargo rocks!

Joedy rented a car and is staying in a hotel outside of San Jose again tonight because the dogs' flight was delayed so he picked them up this afternoon. He didn't want to drive to Montezuma at night, so he's leaving tomorrow morning.

He said it's about 85 degrees and very rainy.

It's great to know the three of them are there safe and sound. It's starting to feel more and more real, this whole thing.

Lula, Malko, Lapis, and I are comfortably ensconced at Robert's house until we leave next Friday. It's nice to be in this house and in Santa Barbara.

I have to sell the two cars and take care of some other things but the pre-departure activity is definitely winding down. Phewee!!!

I'm super tired and am going to sign off here...more details next time.


packofchicklets said...

Hey you! This is getting pretty exciting as it gets down to the final days! I wish I could come to see you off and kiss everyone goodbye. But I will be among the many visiting you two, I'm sure. I'm also very proud of you for keeping up with the blogging while all this is going on. Remember, the more you take time to do it, the better you will feel later (and not-so-later). love and encouragement from your bffe.

packofchicklets said...

woops, I meant I will be visiting you FOUR!!!!

packofchicklets said...

unfortunately, it seems that my settler is getting saggier with each passing year!

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