Friday, August 14, 2009

It's 9:14 p.m. and earlier I heard myself refer to Costa Rican Customs as "custom embargo whatever," so it's pretty clear that my brain is fatigued, perhaps even asleep as we speak.

I just wanted to report to my Gang of Gregarious Groupies that all is fine, aye--I didn't commit hari-kari as a result of the sadness that sunk in yesterday. In fact, today was great--actually an enjoyable day, which is saying a lot given that we're moving out tomorrow.

Last night Joedy realized that if we move the cleaning time (the time when the house cleaners come) to Sunday morning, we'd have a whole day longer to get our stuff the FRUITCAKE!!! out of here. Yay, caramba! Joedy (and the house cleaners) rocks!! All day yesterday and the day before it I was in this freaked out hyper-energetic mode. I was stressed about the amount of time we had to get out of the house and get all the stuff done, and as a result some people were very honest about the way certain boxes were packed (or not packed) by other people. Other people became defensive, and there were lots of ups and downs, but some people were overall impressed by the readiness with which other people admitted that they had packed (or not packed) boxes crappily. Once it was determined that they had another whole day, some people relaxed--a lot. In fact, some people didn't stop relaxing until 4:30 this afternoon, when it became clear that other people were becoming resentful.

Joedy managed to sell a large part of our remaining furniture today, and a truck from the thrift store picked up the leftovers. Lula's room is empty (we put her mattress in our room tonight), and she'll have one last sleepover with her friends Liam and Camille tomorrow. The living room has three big suitcases along one wall, and the kitchen is almost half full of boxes. Tomorrow morning we'll get a U-Haul and put all the stuff we're shipping in storage, and in the afternoon we'll bring Sapporo to her new home.

Today when I thought about Costa Rica I felt a little bit firework-y. It might have been thanks to all the relaxing I'd been doing, but suddenly the idea of moving there seemed fun again. Sitting on the couch tonight with Lula and Malko, Joedy facing us on the coffee table, I felt as happy as I've ever been. Moving to Costa Rica, today, was fun.

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