Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ok, it's getting crazy here. I'm at the coffee shop with Lula and Malko, having dragged them around getting this and that done, and they're both fizzling out now so I can't write much.

I feel really stressed about leaving Friday. I know everything will be ok, probably, but I can't help worrying something's going to go wrong.

Joedy decided to keep looking at houses because he thinks we'll need screens on the windows and AC, and the house he thought we might take doesn't have them. He's concerned about the heat, and I'm glad he is, because it's details like that that could make things easier/more difficult.

I still have to hand the VW bus over to the shop and then get the guy who says he wants to buy the Volvo to come to Santa Barbara AND BUY THE FUCKING VOLVO!!!!

Sorry--I had to vent there a little. Trying to get stuff done with Lula and Malko--even though they're relatively easy kids--is so difficult. Just getting out the door is a huge ordeal.

The other day I didn't hear from Joedy for a whole day and I felt like throwing up, I was so anxious. I haven't reached that level of worry in a long time. I was so glad to hear his voice when he finally called from Claude's house (he'd been on the road for seven hours) and to hear that he was just as worried about things as I am.

Nuria left for Berkeley yesterday and it hit me that soon I'm going to be very far away from the people I love. Of course, I've been very far away from most of the people I love for a very long time now, but the fact that we'll be in Central America makes it seem all the more...severe. Anyhoo...

Annie just called and told me not to stress about the bugs and heat and the fact that we might just have one faucet in our new house. Yes--exactly. It's an adventure!

Oh god, the adventure is making me want to throw up again...

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