Thursday, August 27, 2009

Holy Macaroni, this is it! The final countdown to departure!

I have to finish packing this afternoon but I think it's under control. Very sad because I can't bring my power drill. I LOVE my freaking drill!! Sad, sad, sad.

Um--wow. Seriously disjointed thinking going on. Malko's with me at yet another coffee shop. Lula's at Adlen's for one last playtime. I'm going to miss all our buddies here so much. Yikes!

Um--should get going. Need to buy diapers. Need to send Laurence winter garb.

Tonight, eating warm spinach salad with goat cheese at the Brewhouse and then heading in white rented SUV to LAX, spending night in motel, heading out around 5 am to drop Lapis at Continental Cargo. Then our flight is at 9:45. Egads! Need to drill more ventilation holes in Lapis's carrier so he can breathe (just kidding, but kind of not).

Everything's fine. But I should pack. So this might be my last post from the US of A for a while! Wow, that's weird.

See you all in Costa Rica!!!

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