Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I was just sitting here wondering what to write when Lapis started meowing more than usual and then barfed up a long yellow turd behind me on the rug. Ok, it wasn't actually a turd, but boy, did it look like one! Then he started making the barfing sound again, so I said sorry and threw him out the back door. Sorry, you demented, needy, barfing cat!

I guess the chicken I gave him earlier in lieu of "real" cat food didn't go over well.

I hope this isn't an indication of the quality of the chicken. Its sell by date was the 27th, two days ago, and since it smelled and looked ok I thought it was fine to cook, but now...hmm...

If it does turn out to have been bad, dinner will really have been a failure: the stupid carrots and dumb broccoli took about forty minutes to steam, so we never even ate them, we just had LOTS of chicken.

Stupid dinner. Lapis was right to barf.


Willy Knish said...

She willingly fed her kids old chicken?

Twinkle Arlington said...

What'd she do, steam the vegetables in a HOT SHOWER?

Herbert Foobvst said...

Clearly an unfit mother.

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