Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Are you going to pick up Lula?

Do you want me to pick up Lula?

Is that a rhetorical question?

No, I mean, yes. All I'm saying is, if you want me to pick up Lula, just say so!

Ok. If you don't mind. Yes, please pick up Lula. Are you taking Malko?

Do you want me to?

Do you mind?

You don't need to keep talking like that, you know.

Like what? Like you? Beating around the bush?

Ok, we're not going to get anywhere like this.

I know. Sorry. I'm just...trying to get shit done. I'm trying to make constructive use of my time and I'm feeling stressed out because--

Well, I told you what you can do, I told you yesterday--

You just cut me off. And really--PLEASE--right now I don't need you to "fix things"--I was just hoping to...blow off some steam.

Ok--blow off some steam.

Well. I'm trying to be productive, you know--making use of any free time so I can get somewhere with my stuff. I'm trying to do a little here and there while staying on top of the house while taking care of Malko so you can work--

So I can work? Do you think I like working? Being on the computer and the phone all the time? There are other things I'd rather do, you know--I'd rather go for a run, jump in the water, go for a bike ride--

That's not what I MEANT, you...! Listen: I wasn't saying I minded watching Malko while you work, or that it's a privilege for you to work, all I was saying is that I need to work on my stupid children's book or I'll never get ANYWHERE! I'll DIE without having done anything interesting! My whole life will be a waste!

Ok. I'm going to pick up Lula. Do you want me to buy groceries on the way home?

Do you want to buy groceries on the way home?

Do you want to buy them?

I can! I don't care! I can do it if you don't want to do it!

I'll just do it. Do you know where Malko's shoes are?

Why do you need his shoes? Is he going to be walking around?

Well, if he gets out of the cart--

I NEVER let him out of the cart! I'm always too focused on what I'm doing! And anyway, you never know what kind of weird creep is hanging around the store!

(Sighing, Joedy leaves; I go upstairs and work on something! Anything! besides my STUPID, ANNOYING children's book)

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