Monday, January 11, 2010

This morning Joedy arrived in Costa Rica to get Astrid and Diablo and bring them back to the States, and I can hardly express how relieved I am that this part of the adventure is finally almost over. They're dogs, yes, and they had each other, but they're our family, too, and leaving them for two months (I can't even think that without groaning) was DEFINITELY not part of the plan--it is now part of the Moving To Costa Rica fallout that we like the least, the part that has the very least silver-lining potential. Luckily, our friend Hilary took care of them until Christmas, and then when she left Samara a friend of hers took over, kindly going so far as to feed the dogs sausages and untangle Diablo's dreads, so I know they've been ok, but they're extremely sweet, affectionate dogs, and I feel terrible imagining them wondering where we went and what they did to be abandoned like that. Some things, no matter how you look at them, are just not positive--you can't put the ole' spin on them--and the dogs being left in Costa Rica for so long is one of those things: it sucked, it sucks, it has sucked, it did suck.

Besides getting our furry babies Joedy will get the stuff we left behind--some surfboards, a few suitcases, Malko's playpen, the bikes--and either sell it, give it away, or bring it back. I wish we could have our bikes in Austin, because we had a lot of fun with them and they're emblematic of all the good stuff that happened in Costa Rica, but it seems silly to spend money to bring them back, so we've promised them to some friends.

It's strange thinking about Joedy being in Costa Rica now, going through more or less the same steps (minus the Montezuma nightmare) he took when he got there five months ago. Of course, everything's different this time--I won't be coming out in ten days with Lula, Malko, Lapis, and eighteen pieces of luggage--but it wasn't so long ago (not even half a year!) that we set out on the big adventure and for that reason it still feels very close. Very close, and very far away, like a weird alternate reality in a big bubble next to this bubble. I can't hear the sound in the Costa Rica bubble and there's a freakish amount of plants and geckos, but it looks pretty nice and--oh, look, there I am! Look, I'm playing the kazoo! But wait--why is there smoke coming out of the kazoo? What the...? Oh! Oh, right. So, anywaaay...

In a week Lula, Malko, and I will leave Rhode Island for Austin, which makes me both sad and happy. It's been a great month here with my parents, my brother and sister-in-law, and recently, my aunt, filled with dinner table antics involving toilet paper rolls and the never-ending hilarity of whoopee cushions. I'm already missing our family here and I know I'm going to be REALLY sad on the plane and in Austin for a little while, but I'll have these last few weeks to think about and to cheer me up.

Hmm...sentimentality getting a little overwhelming. Should stop here before I start writing about how much I love my pencil. My dear, sweet, kind pencil--it's so nice, and it's getting SHORTER every DAY because I have to SHARPEN it!! My dear, beloved, good pencil is not going to be here much longer!! WHAT will I DO without it?!?!

What, oh what, will I do?

I will go to bed, I guess.

Good night, y'all*!

*practicing my Texan twang

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packofchicklets said...

good to hear those pooches will soon be giving you smooches!

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