Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lula, Malko, and I got into Austin with minimal damage Wednesday, despite my having popped two Advil PM's at 5:30 a.m., just before hitting the road to the airport in Boston. I'd barely slept and had a headache, and it seemed like a good idea until my eyelids got insanely heavy in the car and I started yawning 800 times a minute and I thought "what the hell?" and then realized, shit!! That Advil was the sleeping kind! Usually I take half of one of those things, at the most a whole--two of them made me weirdly, almost scarily fatigued, and I actually fell over when this mean security agent told me TWICE to move away from the bench because she had to metal-detect a little old lady--my legs just kind of wobbled and gave out, and I actually fell over, and I attribute it to the PM stuff...

But anyway, we made it--JetBlue is the bomb! Oh...maybe wrong word choice...JetBlue is the shizzy!--and Joedy and his dad picked us up at the airport and it was grey and brown out and not green and rolling hills like I thought it would be and then we got home and I was kind of in a weird mood and kind of missing CKMOMF a lot and I drank a beer and took a two-hour nap and when I woke up everything was great and rosy and Joedy and I went for a drive and WOW! AUSTIN IS REALLY COOL!!

So far what I've seen has impressed me in a very favorable way: there's a major water element right downtown, a series of lakes lined by parks with trails, trees, and a train, one of those little-kid trains you have at the zoo*, and bridges crossing here and there. Austinites seem to be very outdoorsy---each time I've been to that area (called Town Lake) there've been gobs of people jogging and throwing sticks in the water for their dogs and pushing their quintuplets in space-age strollers, and you definitely get a happy, love-of-nature vibe.

Yesterday morning I took Diablo and Astrid for a walk there and the water was green and clear, like emeralds, and so inviting! I can't wait to swim in it! I LOVE lakes and rivers! I LOVE them!!!

Ok, onto other things: we have our pets again!! Everyone is fine! Lapis doesn't have his weird bad breath problem anymore and he's not doing that weird disgusting hacking sound where you think he swallowed a piece of slug or oyster or something else like that, and it's so nice to have him around, meowing his little white head off, almost in an annoying way, but not too annoying, because we just got him back, and it would be mean to get mad at him for being himself, after all, so soon! Also, Diablo and Astrid are great: the lisp and sideways-walking are not really a problem, yet. It's been right good fur-reaking great having our furry babies back...Yay, furry babies!! We love your hairy little butts!

Most importantly: it's good to be together as a family unit again, with the mother-figure (me) and the father-figure (Joedy) relaxed, for a fuckinp change. Because frankly, Costa Rica was not always totally relaxing, and the months between Costa Rica and now have not been humongously relaxing all the time either. Not to say all of that time was bad--not at all! It was all pretty good, even great, just not always relaxing. And actually this should not be such a relaxing time either, seeing as we have to get us some paying jobs IMMEDIATELY, but all in all it's good, really good, and almost borderline relaxing.

And now I'm going to relax myself straight into bed, because it just took me 15 seconds to remember how to spell "such," and that is a sure sign of needing refreshment of the somnolent kind, MAYBE enhanced with one or two or eight Advil PM's.

*and like the one in Cap Ferret

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