Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Having just eaten the 28 storm windows and deflated inflatable Santa of the resident gingerbread house, I'm feeling a little topsy-turvy now, and also definitely under the effects of the pressure to not allow motherfruitcaking US Airways to charge me $280 just for my motherfruitcaking luggage. How am I avoiding that? By unpacking all the shit I stress-packed this time last week, sending half that shit back to Corpus, and traveling light, for once, like a normal person.

So, I decided to take with me to Providence:

-metal dog tag collection
-8 (small) spools of wire
-large computer

lots of other shit! Mental faculties suffering breakdown temporarily there, upon finding creation of "entertaining list" too challenging. Am blaming it on the "mud" I ate earlier (see storm window reference). Finding Lula too loud right now. Am thinking about suitcases--they will undoubtedly be over 50 fucking pounds! Fuck!

Dogs staying on in Samara until the beginning of January due to ticket high-ness and Aero Mexicana blackout silliness. Blackout dates are for sissies! Seriously, not happy about the dog situation. Not happy at all. Although our friend, Hilary, who we unintentionally left them with longer than we wanted, has been very unannoyed in her emails, saying they'll be ok with her friend Jonny until Joedy gets there, and they'll stay at the mountain house, where all they're doing wrong is upsetting monkeys, and all will be well...

My god! She's being dangerously unrealistic again! Must monitor intake of deflated Santas in future! All systems aflame and agog!

I'm sorry to be leaving Mormor and Uncle E, whose real name is in fact "Eamon," but who this whole time I thought my mom was calling "E man!" I actually thought it was cute, kind of Rastafarian-sounding, but when I saw his name written somewhere I was like, OH! Anyway, I'm sad to be leaving them, and have been thinking I want to mention that this whole moving-to-Costa-Rica thing has been turning out to be great, family-wise. Would we have spent the night at Joedy's grandmother's house if we hadn't moved to (and away from) Costa Rica? Would we have spent a whole month with his parents? No, definitely not! Nor would we have spent a week here with Mormor and Uncle E, nor would we have spent two weeks at Robert's house pre-Costa Rica, or seen Robert at Thanksgiving...anyhoo, what I mean is, it hasn't been so bad, this whole thing. It's even been pretty motherfruitcaking good!

Tomorrow I depart into Traveling World with Lula and Malko, where after 12 weird and wondrous hours we'll be surrounded by more loved ones. CKMOMF! BenjaminnMika! Bashi Bazouk! Little no-name! CASSIE!!! As Jesse from Toy Story would say: YEEEEEEEEE-HAAAAAAAAW!

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