Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's 11:07 p.m. on Tuesday night and I'm sitting in my parents' friend's apartment (the friend is in Costa Rica!), right above their apartment, looking out the window at downtown Providence. It's oldcay as uckfay outside and little clouds of smoke are blowing away from the chimney in the house below this one, making me wish we had a fireplace...

I just got off the phone with Joedy. Tomorrow he's leaving Corpus Christi to go to Austin, where he'll stay until January 9th with a friend, then he'll fly to Costa Rica to get our sweet dogs. Phew! Phew, phew, phew. Phuck! We're so glad to phinally be getting our poor canine phriends back! I'm going to spoil them rotten for, like, six months when I see them again. Hopefully I never get annoyed at them again. It will be hard when I catch Diablo licking Astrid's ass, but heck! They deserve some serious spoiling after being separated from their family for so long. Even if they got to bark at monkeys all day and night.

Joedy's applied for a few jobs in Austin and he'll start looking for a place for us to live starting tomorrow, hopefully, so that the kids and I can come join him by the end of the month and we can finally settle into a state other than Limbo, which has been driving not only us but everyone else crazy! Joedy sounded upbeat and happy on the phone and I can tell he's as thrilled as I am that we're moving on. The last month and a half, since we arrived in Texas from Costa Rica, has been filled with so much uncertainty that it's really been hard at times.

I'm looking forward to being able to sit down and think about everything that happened since this summer. I feel like we've been go-go-going nonstop and once we're in our own place we'll be able to look at the Costa Rica adventure with the right perspective. I've kind of not let myself think about Costa Rica since we came back because I thought it would make me sad, and in fact yesterday when I read some entries I wrote there it did make me sad. I haven't talked about it much with anyone but there's lots sort of simmering and sifting inside me--we weren't there for that long, relatively, but it was a period packed with all kinds of stuff and I think I just haven't digested everything yet...

There's a bone-chilling draft coming in from the window and I'm starting to cough and get a headache so I'm going to stop writing now, guzzle some medicine, and hit the ole' hay. In just a couple days 2009 will be over--how weird! What an interesting year it's been: a baby! France! Costa Rica! Limbo! Blogging! Boogers!

Nonsensity is a-settin' in. I did this drawing right before leaving Costa Rica. I thought while we were in Texas I'd use it and some other drawings to make some cards, which I'd try to sell once we returned to Samara. For that and other reasons it means quite a bit to me.

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