Monday, July 20, 2009

Just why are you moving to Costa Rica?

Because it seems like it's pretty green there, and green's my favorite color!

It's weird for Joedy and me to think that exactly a year ago we were packing our stuff up to move from Santa Barbara to Ventura, all the while hoping that Ventura would be a temporary stop on the way towards "the big move." We actually said "wouldn't it be great if we were there for just, like, a year?" And here we are one year later, packing up our stuff and getting ready to embark on the adventure we've been dreaming about.

Having never been to Costa Rica, it's possible that I'm even more excited than Joedy, who's been there four times. He's never been to the town we're hoping to call home--Montezuma, on the Nicoya Peninsula--so that will be a surprise for both of us. I feel like I should be more apprehensive, but I'm not, I'm just excited.

We told Lula yesterday that we'd be moving, and it went as well as I could have imagined. Although yesterday she said she didn't want to leave Liam, her good friend and neighbor, she didn't seem all that upset, and today she was walking around with a picture of a jungle, saying "this looks like Costa Rica." Honestly, I think all those hours spent watching Diego videos paid off in our favor: she's brainwashed to think positively of Costa Rica, and even though she's past the point of believing Diego is a real person, I know part of her is excited about going to the place where all that "animal rescuing" goes on...

The plan is to leave by the 15th of August and either drive or fly to Texas, where Joedy's parents and brother live. We'll make Corpus Christi our base for a little while, during which time Joedy will go to Costa Rica to look for a rental in Montezuma. When he comes back, we'll all fly down together, move in, and officially start the new phase in our lives. At this point we're not sure which of our furry friends will come with us: the dogs and Lapis will definitely come down some time (maybe not right away), but we're hesitating about Sapporo, the rabbit.

We decided today that instead of bringing any of our furniture with us we'd just sell it. We won't have to deal with the hassle of shipping that way, and the cash we'll get for our stuff will be helpful, to say the least. Although we'll have a small amount of income to count on after Joedy stops working, anything extra in our account will make things that much easier--liquidation (of our super high-class thrift store furniture!) is the name of the game!

I have so much more to say about all this but I'm dead F'g tired, and since it's 9:32 and we're still getting up at 3 in the morning I should hit the G'f hay. More reporting on the Grand Green Adventure soon!

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Rachel said...

Wow, Costa Rica! I'm jealous. Carlos and I were there last year, in Nosara, a little town north west of Montezuma. Every evening a family of monkeys came through the trees surrounding the house we rented, and the birds are beautiful.

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