Friday, July 10, 2009

Just a quickie to let my hordes of fans know that I'm still alive and well. Well, not quite well, because I did have an "experience" (out-of-body) with a certain vat of fresh farm-churned butter, and it's still in my ears and in my aura, but more or less I'm ok, I think. At one point I found myself levitating above the Basque country, holding a conversation with a pottock (wild mountain pony), but he was speaking in Catalan so it was hard to understand anything. I think he said "lay off the butter," but it might have been "pay back your brother." Which brought me back to that time I found those twenties in that copy of War And Peace in our bookshelf back in Wakefield, twenties I think said brudder earned washing dishes at Ricky's...

During my levitation I thought about other peeps who I need to pay back, in more ways than one: CKMOMF rank very high on the list, first of all because they bought us all tickets to France, and second of all because they've been feeding us and generally taking care of us. Our vacay in The Land of Freedom Fries has been great, to say the least--relaxing, fattening, and all-around wunderbarring. One great big buttery merci to me 'rents--we LOVE YOU!!!

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Emily said...

Isabel, I miss you! How long are you going to be in France? I'll be there in a month.

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