Monday, February 9, 2009

Writing about wanting good things for oneself can make one feel like a big ole' pile o' poop the next day.

Especially when one thinks about ALL those other people, who...

One doesn't even want to go into it.

Suffice to say that one endured much mental self-flagellation and is now happier, because--

What the HTMHELL!! One has successfully manipulated one's blog template code and therefore one has absolved oneself!

Margins, Woo-hoo!



micaela.pelao said...


packofchicklets said...

yeah, well life over here isn't a bowl of cherries either baby! although i have no large baby-shaped parasites inside my body making my calves hurt. so that's a plus. or is it? i've just one thing to say! carp the day! yes, carp it. carpet? carpet the day? sure, why not? maybe even carpet the day with carp. yum.

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