Monday, February 22, 2010

Misguided Mommy starts blog posts and erases them because they are dumb, because she's tired and not feeling peppy. Would like to go dancing, though.

Has raw tip of nose from perhaps impending cold, which would be delightful because then she can stay in bed all day and expect people to not expect her to change diapers or pretend to give a shit about dogs and the fact that they need to go outside sometimes.

Matrimonial friend gone to Parental and Fraternal Realm to retrieve Fraternal Vehicle so we can borrow it and finally all drive around Austin together, not limited by 2-person truck. Mother of matrimonifriend coming back too, which is cool. Self and m-friend going dancing hopefully together soon.

Just checked on baby orangutan, who was crying from his and his sister's room. Gave him a cuddle, during which his hefty orangutan feet nuzzled mommy's tummy. His sister slept soundly, not coughing anymore, tired from a long day of dentist and the doctor and another school visit, lots of laughing in bath at her brother's butt. Called her mom "Isabel" today, keeps saying how much she "looks like a first-grader" in her new thrift-store button-down shirt, which she buttons up all the way to the top and tucks into her belted pants. Beyond ridiculous! Freakishly adorable!

Misguided Mommy happy to be here, a month into Texan adventure. Always proclaiming "how much she likes Austin," much to Lula's over-it-ness and wishing her mom would stop being a silly enthusiastic goose. Things coming along now, she thinks, and she's excited to see what happens next!

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