Tuesday, May 26, 2009

On nights like tonight when the dishes by the sink seem to increase, rather than decrease, as I'm washing them, and the cracker crumbs I vacuumed off the living room rug just twenty-four hours ago have reappeared, and clouds of dog hair infiltrate the entire house whether or not the dogs are confined to the garage, and I keep getting whiffs of barf because SOMEbody barfed on me, and I'm hot and tired and grouchy, I think:

"Well, at least we didn't have octuplets! Because then I'd really have something to complain about."

Today, actually, was a good day. Even though I stayed up till 2 last night writing and drawing, and then couldn't fall asleep because it was cold, and then after turning on the heater couldn't fall asleep because I was certain it was going to malfunction and burn us all to crisps (I actually debated which object lying on the patio would be best for smashing Lula's window in so we could save her), and then woke up horrifically groggy, things righted themselves pretty quickly. I got lots done, distasteful task-wise, and took a long walk downtown with the dogs and Malko.

When Joedy came home we made a delicious dinner: sweet potato fries, omelets, and a green salad with avocado. For dessert we had peaches with vanilla ice cream (ok, I had chocolate ice cream also), which was mildly hypocritical of me since I had just ordained that Lula should never eat sugar again in her life (I think she might have a cavity). While cleaning up the kitchen I got grouchy, as noted above, and made a suggestion to Joedy about his dishwashing habits that he took as evidence of my "attitude," but I explained that it was just so we could operate more successfully as a team.

I keep trying to write more, because ending this entry with that last sentence sounds too abrupt, but fruitcake it--yo soy tired, and yo soy going to bed. Buenos nachos!

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