Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's horrifically late but I wanted to write a little something to let my legions of readers know I haven't died as a result of breastpumping my foot.

That made no sense, but it sums up pretty well my state of mind, which is "fried," and sets the tone for the new kind of blogging I've decided to start doing.

Since certain things these days are taking away from the time I'd like to be writing (the irony, of course, is that I want to write about those "certain things"!), and a handful of started posts are languishing and not finishing, and it looks like I won't be writing the way I want to here for a while longer, I've decided to lower the standard a bit. From now on, therefore, expect to come across (banal) posts like this:

Today was nice. I took the dogs for two walks: once to pick up Lula's kindergarten registration packet at the local elementary school and once to get a coffee downtown (but the smoke and heat from the Santa Barbara fire were too intense, so we turned around)--and the new jogger is really, really great.

I had gone to Trader Joe's after dropping Lula off at school, and I had a delicious salad for lunch followed by an overly sweet dessert concoction involving an ice cream sandwich and chocolate sauce. There was just too much sugar and it was stupid.

After lunch I fiddled with Illustrator. Malko, who was lying on the couch, kept distracting me with sounds that were very obviously meant to make me come and cuddle with him, which I did a lot. He barfed only a few times today and it was WONderful! As a result of his low barfing frequency, he did not get the bath I thought I'd give him. Tomorrow will be the day for de-linting between his fingers and behind his knees, in the fat crevices.

Joedy and Lula and I had a great dinner--salmon and green beans--and afterwards I went to the store and bought some brown hair dye to cover up the horrible brassy bright blond parts of my hair that had all grown out and looked totally disgusting. Now my hair is dark brown and WONderful! However, some clumps came out just now when I ran my fingers through it.

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micaela.pelao said...

fried, but somewhat happy, it seems...
hmmm! sounds good!

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