Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ronia D'Arc, the pseudonymous brainchild of the sometimes brainless person named Isabel, made her appearance on the cyberstage June 3rd, 2008. Ronia's mission in her brief life was to spill the beans about Really Personal Stuff (RPS) in an anonymous blog, a goal that was hard to keep because a) no one who didn't know her wanted to read her blog, and then b) no one who did know her wanted to read her blog.*

Blogging about RPS, it turned out, was self-defeating. As much as it provided a journal-like release, and as much as it temporarily allowed Ronia to see herself as a "Soldier of Honesty," sharing her innermost thoughts and embarrassments with family and friends made her eventually seem (and feel) much more like a Soldier of Idiocy, someone with no sense of why, in real life, we don't tell our parents about the weird _________ on our _______. Or how we ______ our ________, despite his _______. Or, incidentally, about our ________ habit, the one that on several occasions landed us in ______ _______. Yes, there are reasons we shouldn't share RPS with everybody: besides the whole preserving-one's-dignity thing, there's the whole they-don't-want-to-know thing. They don't want to know because, frankly, it makes them uncomfortable. And we should respect that.

If Ronia's blog had remained anonymous, if she had managed to acquire an audience made up solely of strangers, things might have worked out. She might actually have been able, as she hoped, to help someone by showing them that they're not alone in their weirdness/problems. But, by December 21st, it became depressingly clear that things were not working out.

Unafraid of the truth, Ronia packed her bags (with 48 bad blog entries) and headed down the long dusty road to the Next Dimension.

She bequeathed her blog, and its remaining entries, to Isabel.

*except for her devoted fanbase/sisters and, somewhat reluctantly, her parents

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