Monday, December 22, 2008

The time has come to say goodbye
to Ronia D'Arc, high in the sky
She began as a blogger and ended one, too
She found out the hard way what a blog shouldn't do

What Ronia learned in her short six-month life
Is a blog's not the place for complaints by a wife
It's fine to share if nobody reads
But once you have readers, have discretion, too, please

A blog should be honest, yes, that is true
And soul-baring's fine if it's what you must do
But watch what you say about those whom you love
Or you'll soon find a coffin and a new home above

Ronia D'Arc wasn't the worst blogger there was
Some of us even liked her, well, just because
We'll remember her story (or the parts we could stand)
And remember her lesson when we try our own hand.

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uncleremus said...

this is a sad day indeed!!!
you are an excellent & witty writer!!
& the images youve drawn so perfectly illustrate your feelings!!!
perhaps creating a private journal for those feelings that you want/need to purge & then blogging the generalized human aspects of each situation would be more helpful.
your blog contains fodder for a very entertaining book.
you have your hands full, & you are doing a very good job, even though it doesnt feel like it at times.
hang in there
lots of love
uncle remus & lena

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