Saturday, August 21, 2010

I'm halfway into my child-free Providence visit, and last night I officially started missing Lula and Malko. Some things I don't miss--poopy diapers among them--but when I went to bed I was thinking about little arms around my neck, and I know I'll be happy to return to Mommy World next Wednesday.

Yesterday evening we drove to Jamestown, a tiny town near Newport, for a swim and a picnic; it was beautiful out, warm and breezy, and when the sun set and the moon rose it was tempting to make a mattress out of washed-up seaweed and commune with long-dead Indians, or at least a lobster.

From the new nephew perspective this visit has exceeded my expectations: little Emil, who's four months now, is the sweetest baby, with big dark eyes and a heart-melting smile; the love I felt for him when he was born grows bigger each time I look into his face and hug his cuddly body. I like to think that since I've been here he's come to recognize and feel fondly towards his Aunty Izzy, and given his obvious intellect (I'm not just being a doting relative--the kid's unusually smart) I wouldn't be surprised if he actually did know who I was, at least because I have the same gaunt, sunken-eyed face and hairy legs as his father.

My sister Nuria and my sister-in-law's brother came out to meet Emil too, and it's been great hanging out and having fun together. We've gotten to go out at night a few times, and we plan on going out again tonight, with the ultimate goal being DANCING.

Watch out, Providence!

Tomorrow I'm going to an old friend's wedding on the banks of the Saugatucket River in Wakefield, the town I grew up in. I'm really excited to reconnect with people I've only been in touch with through Facebook and to be "home"--it'd be nice to sneak away briefly, walk up our old street, and spend a few minutes looking at the beautiful old house I grew up in. Given the fact that I'll probably be drunk, however, there's a good chance those minutes reminiscing would end with nostalgic tears and the desire to lie in the patchy grass beneath the branches of the copper beech in front of the house; it wouldn't do to return to the wedding with leaves stuck to a tear-streaked face, so I'll probably skip the walk down memory lane/Kenyon Avenue and stay near my old buddies and the bar...

Something tells me that will be exciting enough.

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