Monday, May 31, 2010

Misguided Mommy sits down to write
a lamp to her left a dog to her right
the kids are in bed asleep for the night
it was quiet in here so I turned on the lights

El Papa has gone, out with some friends

Welp! Welp, welp, welp--here we are, folks, on the good ship Bloggy Plot, some with candy and some with not, some with seaweed in their snot!


A fly buzzeth above my headeth, annoyingly, and I hear the annoying sound of dogs eating their food in a loud, slow, annoying way!! Yet I sit here and persist in the insensible task of writing a blog entry when under the spell of not one but three margaritas, and it's already 11:33 and I committed to taking Lula to school (aka waking up at 6:30, performing a series of "brain teasers", driving a car) tomorrow, so Joedy could go out tonight, so what am I doing? Why? Because I finished the espresso chocolate chip ice cream in the freezer? Maybe? MAYBE?

Anyhoo: Joedy's out trying to see a band somewhere, Lula and Malko are in bed, the dogs have stopped making that noise, and I've totally forgotten the things I was going to say!


Anyway: the house is a disaster zone. It would look to someone like the parents here have been partying all weekend over a three-day weekend, although at least one of the parents (I'm not saying who!) did a remarkable amount of house cleaning the first night the other parent was out with his friends, who'd just come into town, the night the cleaning parent was in a really great mood, the mood that did not last through the afternoon of the following day, when that parent was STILL stuck home with the loud, demanding, small, heavy, clingy entities. It was at that time that the cleaning parent began to resent having cleaned so thoroughly and goodheartedly, so warmly...aye, it was now that this parent turned cold! Bitter! Unpleasant to chat with! And all things teetered on the edge for a little while, but the other, non-cleaning parent very nicely apologized for having taken so long on the lake, and his cousin offered to babysit, so we took the kids over to her house, and we got in the car and went out on the town and I got to DANCE!

And today, I had two avocado margaritas and one plain/slushy margarita! And I got to swim in a huge spring and sit under these huge beautiful trees! And then eat a certain charred-pepper salsa with insane guacamole, listening to loud wonderful music! It was heaven!!

BUT: tomorrow is Tuesday, the 2nd-to-last day of Lula's school, and we have to plan some serious summer things (I guess) and I have to call the dermatologist, clean the house, go through the InBox, make MD appts. for Lula and Malko, do laundry, make an Internal Affairs MD appt., and get certain "creative" objects ready for travel...because...maybe? We will? Be going? Somewhere cool? Really soon?

I hope?

I hope!


Stay tuned for more news from the goon!

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