Monday, March 8, 2010

On Sunday Joedy turned 40. Since AARP recently pronounced 60 the new 30, I guess it's normal he regressed, for a little while in the afternoon, to age 10, belting out "The Diarrhea Song" with an accompanying dance that sent Lula and me into another realm, the Diarrhea Is The Funniest Thing In The World realm, from which we didn't return for eight hours, after I'd laughed until my face hurt and we'd embellished every stock household phrase with the d word. Long after Joedy, also known as The Instigator, had tired of our hysterical, almost-dry-heaving laughter, Lula and I were still going strong, swapping cunning witticisms about the pets, furniture, and clothing:

"Hey Lula, I guess
DIARRHEA, I mean Diablo, forgot to brush his hair today!!!"

"Ok Maman, ok"--much laughter, some spraying spit--"I'm going to bed now. I'll just lie down on this nice comfortable DIARRHEA!!!"

"All right, you go to bed then, but don't forget to first put on your DIARRHEA, I mean, pyjamas!!!"

Since Lula and I are much, much younger than Joedy, it's TOTALLY normal that she, and of course I, got so carried away with the whole thing. Totally normal, and anyway, that's not all we did--some of us took videos of the birthday boy going about his day, doing things like playing with Malko in the car while waiting for his signature triple shot/one pump chocolate/soy milk/no whip cream/mocha coffee beverage from the drive-through caffeine dealer near our house, blowing out his candles, getting funky with his birthday card, and telling Lula a story at a restaurant that night. Joedy's mom, dad, and two nieces were with us, and though the plan to all spend the night in a suite at a nearby hotel was thwarted by a certain baby who started screaming at 2 a.m., forcing his groggy parents to take him home, we had a lot of fun altogether (and all together), and the cake was so alluring someone* snuck a piece before the candles were even lit. All in all, a not-too-traumatic 40th birthday, I think, and Day One of his fifth decade has gone pretty well too--no unusual crises or freakouts--so I guess it's all


*the same someone who felt sick after eating two more pieces, post-candles

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