Monday, March 30, 2009

I was going to start this entry by saying "it's amazing how much you don't get done when you have a baby," but I rethought that and decided not to. Because in fact you get a hell of a lot done, especially if you are the Giant Milk Machine part of the parental unit: you are giving life to a human being, and that is HUMONGOUS. So you should not feel bad if 4 o'clock rolls around and you are only now starting to check your email for the first time in eight days. And you shouldn't feel bad if, housework-wise, you only swept the kitchen floor and washed the dishes in the sink. And you shouldn't feel bad if the baby peed twice in a row while you were changing his diaper and the pee went all over his diaper rash and he screamed and you screamed--at the other part of the parental unit.

You shouldn't feel bad about that, because you were sustaining another person's life all day, and tonight, you will wake up in vomit. Again.

Anyway, it's spring, and you have a baby, and there are spring birds singing and spring flowers blooming, and you are pretty much convinced, though you know it's silly, that these beautiful spring things are all happening for your baby, because he's so sweet. He's so sweet you don't know what else to say about it, although you think about the chocolate sauce and ice cream you just ate, which was sweet, yes, but not sweet in his way, which is satiny cheeks sweet, and little red lips sweet, and dozing off while eating sweet, and lambs on his nightgown sweet, and soft breath on your shoulder sweet.

You tell him the birds are singing for him and the flowers are blooming for him, and in your world, it's true.

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